Starting from April 2018.

Scholars Mentoring Company are pleased to have designed and implemented a structured programme of measured tasks with training advice and guidance to help provide academic Undergraduates & Postgraduates with three months of valuable useful bespoke Voluntary Work Experience to enhance future career prospects and offer the academic “Real World” experience of being part of a SME providing tailored support in the Education Sector and Professional Services in other settings.

This will offer the successful candidate/s* the opportunity of experiencing varied working environments such as;-  attending the office workplace, also working on own at home, working with others out – reach at designated venues such as libraries, organisations, with clients, and with mentors*. (*Limited places available each year) (*Expenses paid)

The Role – will involve working with SMC on one of a number of specific structured projects available over the next 3 months. It will also include specific tasks to enhance the candidate’s prospects. All aspects of the project are designed to offer the candidate opportunities to learn and improve on their best skills and attributes. Whilst at the same time being and integrated valuable member of a SME Company and offering the company in return their hard work, commitment, good attitude and becoming part of the team for the three month period, getting involved in everything where possible so that both parties gain the most from the experience. Receiving of a Certificate to verify the three months work experience carried out and signed confirmation of the CPD register.

For example;-

1) In the beginning it is important to record the three months experience by:

  • Agreeing upfront to Contract of commitment to SMC and yourself and what this entails.
  • Commit to a minimum of ONE day per week to be agreed.

Setting up a CPD register of activities,

  • Maintain working diary,
  • Attend meetings. Make phone calls. Visits with clients, companies and mentors when required.
  • Contribute to Projects tasks during the three months period, be pro-active/productive
  • Work on different pre-set projects tasks varied across the three months period.
  • Present goals and achievements in Spoken words format, Written format, Research format, Power point format, and by way of Posters, on a 1:1 basis and on team settings.
  • Record and make notes of achievements and reflections for future tasks.
  • Redesign CV and Plan future prospects Ideas with the candidate forgoing forwards.

This will evidence all of your work whilst with SMC – valuable for CPD and CV for potential job vacancies.

2) We will offer varied experience of working in different environments and settings:-

  • The office environment,
  • The home office environment,
  • Out-reach in the community.

This will demonstrate versatility in your style of working, ability to follow tasks required and experience of working with clients in different and changeable settings and environments.

3) Projects for consideration to work with SME during the three month period;

  • Specialist Mentoring Services
  • General Mentoring Services
  • Positive Psychological Therapies
  • Bespoke Private Tuition with Mentoring Support.
  • Disability Support in the Workplace
  • Awareness campaigns (academic and Non-academic)
  • Research (Academic and Non-academic)
  • Business Networking / Marketing and Development.

4) What experience will this offer the candidate/s:-

Working inter-changeably on some or all of the projects listed in (3) will offer the candidate/s fast-track valuable purposeful “Real World” experience utilising all the candidate/s skills and attributes learned to date and the opportunity to hone these skills in the many different ways to demonstrate to any new potential employer of their potential.

Although at present and for 3 months this is entirely a “Voluntary Work” project – it has reasonable potential to become paid work in the future for exceptional candidates.

Key Responsibilities – 

To engage with one or more of the projects currently being run out by SMC of interest to the applicant, including contributing to generic and specific research (non-academic and academic), writing up notes, reports and contributing to the Company Portfolio of strategies, interventions, therapies, ideas, mentoring approaches, coaching, etc….contributing to creating database of services, liaising with third parties and multi -agencies partners across the Northwest, and taking part in delivery of the awareness campaign.

Specific work tasks will be assigned subject to candidates based on skill, qualification, and ability…although training and weekly supervision is provided and point of contact at all time for support and assistance when / if required.

  • Working Hours – pre-agreed flexi hours subject to availability.
  • Frequency – Min of One day per week by arrangement
  • Salary – Voluntary work, travel expenses and telephone expenses paid by SMC.   References and certificates will be provided at the end of the project to all participating candidates to assist them with their own career journeys.
  • Skills/Experience – Must have; a Positive attitude. Desire to help others. Able to work on own initiative with tasks or part of a small group. Reliable. Committed and serious about the importance of Voluntary Work.
  • Qualifications – Studying for an Undergraduate, Postgraduate, or PGCE, or PhD.

How to apply – email to SMC current CV and covering letter out-ling how this voluntary opportunity would assist the applicant on their journey into a career and what do they think they can contribute to the projects within SMC.

Please email your CV and Personal Statement to:

Recruitment process – upon receipt of CV and statement;

Stage 1 – All applications will be read, acknowledged by email communication and considered carefully for the next stage

If the candidate is invited to the next stage

Stage 2 – Text message to arrange time and date for an informal telephone discussion.

If the candidate is invited to the next stage

Stage 3 – Invitation to meet up for a more in-depth discussion.

Final Stage – Confirmation of acceptance or not on to the project. (in writing & by phone call with feedback if preferred)