Scholars Mentoring Company “Bespoke Mentoring Services”  specialise in providing exceptional tailored Educational Mentoring Support for Students in Higher Education assessed with needing additional help because of a long term health condition, a disability, or a learning impairment and which creates barriers and challenges for students wishing to complete new Higher Education Qualifications.

Our excellent team of; Psychologists, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Cognitive Behavioural Therapists, Educational Therapists, Health Care Practitioners, Specific Learning Tutors and First Class Academics. Specialist mentors are appointed to work with their allocated student to support them throughout the educational journey to help remove any potential barriers to learning and enhance every client’s educational experience.

More information can be found here DSA Funded Support

Scholars Mentoring Company “Professional Services” also offer an extensive range of additional Specialist Support Services which are available to ALL.

  • Counselling / psychotherapy sessions
  • Private-funded mentoring services
  • Positive mentoring community projects

More information can be found here Professional Services

Our ethos at Scholars Mentoring Company is to provide our “Specialist Mentoring” and “Professional Services” in a mindful, sensitive, and professional manner. We invite only like-minded professionals to join our team of “Mentors” who demonstrate positive attitudes, kind natures, naturally helpful, always reliable, dependable, hard-working, good role models and have excellent academic skills required helping individuals achieve their desired potential.

We take pride on ourselves, our services, our compliance regimes and being excellent value for money.

We strive for excellence in all areas of our work and our professional relationships and associations.