Our Aims

We are an independent provider of Educational 1:1 Specialist Mentoring Study Skills Training and Personal Support.

We are qualified professionals who are genuinely dedicated to providing specific exceptional bespoke one to one tailored personal support packages and academic specialist educational mentoring across the Northwest of England.

Our clients are fully supported throughout Higher Educational study programmes from a Higher National Certificate through to Postgraduate level at Colleges/Universities and Distance Learning Courses at Open University.

Our support begins at the application / enrolment stage through to graduation.

Scholars Mentoring Company’s first class services are aimed at helping individuals presenting with mild, moderate or more severe disabilities; such as Physical Conditions or Mental Health Conditions, Long Term Health Conditions, Learning Disabilities such as Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, General Impairments, and various other issues that require our support in order for clients to achieve their academic potential and life aspirations and goals.

Held by SMC / Consultants associated with SMC:




Professional  Membership Registration Numbers

  • DSA-QAG reg. no. MY2T10MVD3
  • National Autistic Society reg. no: 85687
  • National Association of Disability Practitioners reg. no: NM / 1423
  • BPS reg. no: 272915