At Scholars Mentoring Company we provide exceptional, tailored support which is unique to each and every individual. We help remove any potential barriers to learning and enhance every students’ educational experience.

Our mentors are all post-graduates who have attained a higher education level of knowledge enabling us to provide a unique and professional service. This entails;

  • Organisational skills e.g. study schedules and regular mentoring appointments
  • Academic skills training such as;
    • How to structure academic work to a high standard
    • Assistance with various referencing techniques e.g. Harvard or APA
    • How to articulate an argument and develop evaluative techniques
    • How to critically reflect on and self-evaluate academic work
    • Developing presentation skills
  • Technical Assistance Training such as;
    • How to utilise assistive technology e.g. Dictaphones, Voice Recognition Software, Mind-mapping Software
    • How to utilise computer software packages and programmes such as; Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft OneNote, Adobe Acrobat Software amongst others.
  • Personal Support such as;
    • Developing confidence to overcome barriers to learning
    • Sign-posting to helpful support networks
    • Providing reassurance, encouragement and motivation
    • Supporting good mental health and well-being
    • Accompanying to attending academically orientated events

Scholars Mentoring Company has a strong ethos: our vision and values set us apart and we believe in an effective, informed and courteous service as standard.

Our services are specifically tailored to the needs of each individual student and provided personally, sensitively and in the most accessible and efficient means of communications available to ensure we provide a unique mentoring experience, suitable for various needs.